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Dario Figueroa

is a product designer who can code. Passionate about learning, collaboration, and empowering people.

Fancy Weather

Role: Designer, Developer

An open-source Heroku application which gives weather information and pulls corresponding images via Unsplash API.

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SDK Documentation

Role: Designer, Developer

Alongside two other interns we completely rewrote and redesigned the existing Showpad SDK documentation from the ground up.

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a mockup of a redesign for some documentation

Chicago Cultural Alliance

Role: Designer, Developer

Helped the client solve a problem by implementing a new journey experience and corresponding web pages.

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boosted board designcoffee shop mobile uicalendar uiui for a roommate finding serviceredesign for a nonprofit in yosemiteredesign of a page for CPS Lives

About Me

Hi, I'm Dario. I'm a product designer and freelancer currently based out of the Chicago area. I've done doing front-end development, product design, web design, and prototyping for both agencies and brands alike.
I spend too much time on Twitter and Destiny 2

Hit me up and let's work on something together 👀

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I took a yearbook class in highschool where I was exposed to Photoshop, thought it was the coolest thing ever, and subsequently spent my evenings for the next year teaching myself Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


Start attending Columbia College Chicago in pursuit of a degree in design.

Work on-campus in the department of Interactive Arts and Media designing web pages, flyers, brochures, and other miscellaneous print materials.


Intern at Boxless Media, a marketing agency, doing a bit of everything from social (branded instagram posts, Facebook ads) to print (packaging, branding, logo design) to digital (designing WordPress sites).


Start freelancing as a web designer and UI designer.

Intern at Showpad as the sole UX/UI Designer in Chicago creating landing pages, collaborating with engineers to refine UI for new product features, and designing decks.


Work on-campus as a front-end developer translating designs into code in Webflow and WordPress.

Graduate with a Bachelors of Art in Interaction Design and User Experience.

Worked at CDW as a Product Designer on cdw.com