Dario Figueroa

A new creation who spends most of his time designing but occasionally works in code. Passionate about learning, collaboration, and empowering people.




UX Designer @ Frost

My current gig. I design the Money Movement portion of the product which currently handles over $1B in transactions a month. Additionally, I've led the dark mode design, worked to mature the Aurora design system alongside development, collaborated with Zelle, and more.

frostbank.com →


Product Designer @ CDW

A previous position where I worked on both the product and marketing side of things. Lead the UI effort on the design systems team and built landing pages in Adobe's Experience Manager.

cdw.com →

Front-End Developer @ Columbia College Chicago

Worked with CPS Lives, a Chicago non-profit arts organization, to build and redesign their website alongside a team of talented designers.

cpslives.org →


UX/UI Intern @ Showpad

Created documentation around the Showpad SDK and designed marketing pages for showpad.com.

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Designer/Developer @ Boxless Media

A jack of all trades position at an agency where I worked on everything from designing print materials, logo design, web design, and developing WordPress sites.

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A tool that provides local weather information and pulls a corresponding background image. A side project built by myself and a coworker during our time at Showpad.

fancyweather.herokuapp.com →

Chicago Cultural Alliance

Undergrad capstone project centered around crafting a new experience that allowed Chicagoans to discover the cultural significance of the neighborhoods around them.

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Hey there, I'm Darío Figueroa 👋🏼. I'm a born-again believer and Chicagoan currently based out of San Antonio. Proudly Guatemalan and Mexican.

I'm a designer who codes with years of experience in visual and interaction design, design systems, and front-end development. At work I'm designing and rethinking the Money Movement experience at Frost Bank and trying to improve our design system.

Before my time at Frost I've held a variety of positions from being a freelance web designer to working at startups, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Outside of work I really love cooking, play a lot of videogames, been reading some manga and manhwa, and been wanting to get into rock climbing more.